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Niagara Chamber Partnership

Niagara’s communities have outstanding Chambers of Commerce, and we are especially proud of our partnerships within the Niagara Chamber Partnership

In Niagara, nine local Chambers have joined together to give outstanding value with truly regional experience that offers you access to strong regional advocacy voice, more exposure, more connection, and stronger relationships with businesses across Niagara.

The nine organizations from the Niagara Partnership (NCP), bring a united presence to regional issues, opportunities for additional networking at joint events, and the power of exposure across multiple Chamber websites and communication pieces, such as newsletters and social media channels

As a member in good standing with your local/home chamber, you are eligible to become an associate member of any of the other participating Chambers for just $75 annually (per chamber). It’s affordable, easy, and provides you with the opportunity to take advantage of membership benefits across Niagara at a fraction of the cost of individual membership. Certain conditions apply. Use the link below to ask us for more details!

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August 2023 Newsletter
August 9, 2023