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Supporting local business since 1948
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West Lincoln Chamber of Commerce

Our West Lincoln Chamber of Commerce is now in it’s 72nd year!!

West Lincoln offers a peaceful family life. Our businesses, small and large, offer quality service and personally look after your wishes. Our Community has many schools that provide excellent learning facilities and provide the academics to further the student’s pathway for the future. Whether you are a young person attending school or a senior, there are a number of Community Organizations to volunteer at and help the community grow and prosper.

Businessmen and women have always had the motto: promotion of commercial, industrial and residential development that will make a thriving community. In the early 1900’s they formed a group and called it Smithville Board of Trade. Over the years many changes have occurred but the motto has always stayed the same. Bringing the Townships of Caistor, Gainsborough and South Grimsby into one entity, namely West Lincoln has helped grow the municipality in many ways.

West Lincoln has industrial and commercial businesses, many medium-sized and a number of small family operations throughout the municipality. Churches, Schools, and Organizations are strategically situated throughout the area and local citizens volunteer their time to keep them successful. West Lincoln Community Care, a key not for profit community support organization is located on Industrial Park Road in the Stanpac Building.  There you’ll find the food bank, clothing and furniture retail store and much more.

West Lincoln is very agricultural oriented and produces large crops of corn, soybeans, and wheat. Poultry, dairy and hog farming add to the economy of the Township of West Lincoln. The greenhouse industry is rapidly growing, cucumbers, tomatoes, and other vegetables, along with flowers, shrubs, and much more.

Our residential community in Smithville is expanding with many new sub-divisions planned and completed.  The smaller hamlets have also seen residential growth over the past ten years.

West Lincoln consists of a number of hamlets and provides quaint settings for residential and small business development. The hamlets are Abingdon, Allen’s Corners, Attercliffe, Basingstoke, Bismarck, Boyle, Caistor Centre, Caistorville, Elcho, Fulton, Grassie, Kimbo, Port Davidson, Rosedene, Silverdale, Smithville, St. Ann’s, Vaughan Station, Warner, Wellandport, Wilcox Corners and Winslow.

The West Lincoln Chamber of Commerce is a not-for-profit organization that exists to promote and enhance the Township of West Lincoln through business, social, cultural and educational commitment and give our members support and advice.

We are located on top of the escarpment and known as the “Hub of the Niagara Peninsula” The four seasons provide beautiful vistas year long, and as the Township grows the business community and the industrial complexes are also growing which provide opportunities for you and your neighbors. Children who grow up in this community often seek out local jobs, families purchase supplies and products locally, parents register their children for sports and social interaction locally and you may wish to consider opening a new business within West Lincoln.  Many of you, as residents and businesses in West Lincoln have invested a great deal in this community. The West Lincoln Chamber of Commerce believes that options, opportunities, and choices come hand in hand with change and growth. Together, with a sincere, well-managed vision of growth, West Lincoln will remain a great place to shop, work, live and play.

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May 24, 2017