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Supporting local business since 1948
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Rose Cottage Visiting Volunteers

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148 Central Avenue, Lower Level
Grimsby, Ontario L3M 4Z3



Sherry Cain

About Rose Cottage Visiting Volunteers

A registered charity organization that provides end of life support to the
residents of Grimsby, Beamsville, Smithville, Vineland, and Jordan.

Rose Cottage Visiting Volunteers are educated in issues relating to
palliative care and bring a personal touch to the service through
compassion and support to the people we serve.

Our services are available FREE of charge to anyone living with terminal or
life threatening illness while at home, hospital, hospice or care facility.
Examples of what the Volunteers have done in the past include:
companionship by providing someone to talk with, doing simple tasks such
as reading, writing letters, organizing family photos, or even finishing the
knitting of a sweater for a person too ill to finish on their own.

Who Do we Serve?  Anyone in the West Niagara community, living with a life-limiting illness, their caregivers, family or friends by providing caring, compassionate visiting volunteers.


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July 2021 Newsletter
July 14, 2021