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Supporting local business since 1948
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As a not-for-profit organization that exists to promote and enhance the Township of West Lincoln through business, social, cultural and educational commitment and give our members support and advice,

  • We are dedicated to growing and sustaining the economic prosperity of our community by serving, connecting and representing our members.
  • The Chamber is a proud part of our community and works hard to make West Lincoln a better place to live, work and play.
  • By being a member of the chamber, you give support to our programs and play an important part in the Town’s development.  It is our job to protect your interests and provide a united voice within the township.
  • Bring voice to the community – we are the only group in town (no Rotary, no Kinsman)

Hold networking events

  • After 5 Networking Event hosted by local businesses
  • Wake Up with West Lincoln Business Development Events
  • February – Annual General Meeting
  • October – Outstanding Business Awards

Participate in Local & Regional Events

  • Represent the township by attending West Lincoln City Council meetings, create petitions and present to township issues that impact local businesses
  • Participation with The Township and The Region in Economic Development initiatives
  • Councilmen representation sites on the West Lincoln Chamber Board

Community Events to Promote Local Businesses

  • In November the Chamber hosts a Holiday Home & Gift Show showcasing local businesses and community services
  • Each July the Chamber hosts a free Community BBQ which members have the opportunity to participate in as sponsors & vendors and the community comes out to enjoy and explore what we have within our community

Community Charity Events

  • Each November into December, a Toonies for Toy Drive is held to support West Lincoln Community Care
  • Our Annual Community BBQ raises funds to help support local youth programs

Membership Events

  • Membership Drive
  • Increase awareness of chamber
  • Email, advertising, opportunities to network

Our Website

  • Provide chamber information, contact info, direct email
  • Online directory for all members
  • Web advertising for local businesses
  • Newsletter section to post member and community events
  • Niagara Chamber Partnership Business Development Opportunities
May 2023 Newsletter
May 25, 2023